Useful Resources


Track Finish Line Definitions for GM PDR

Select the desired track from the list below.  Extract the contents of the zip file to the root of your SD card.  There should be a single "map.gpx" file in each zip.

Cosworth Pi Toolbox Map Files

Cosworth map files that have had the corners defined and segments added to assist in data analysis.  Save the file, then within Pi Toolbox select Map... Load... then select the file you just downloaded.  

Other Useful Files

  • Cosworth Pi Toolbox Workbook.  This has the worksheets and displays already configured in a useful way.  It might not load properly unless you have the Pro version of the software.  Just right-click on the unknown outings and replace with your own.  You also will want to load the correct map for your outings.
  • Sample Track Day Log.  This is what I use to keep track of each session at the track.
  • Math Channels.